Denis Gauthier

Denis GauthierAn artist and animal sculptor, above all a “horseman”, passionate about history and heritage, Denis Gauthier dwells in the rural environment both physically and morally. His desire to transmit his passion to future generations makes him an admirable story-teller who, through his painstaking and careful work, honours the creative universe of our ancestors and traditional Québec art.

His attachment to popular art and animal sculptures came from an encounter with popular artist Wilfrid Richard, of St-Ubald de Portneuf, which marked his youth. As a result of the wonderful time he spent with the man who was to become his mentor, he developed an interest in this forgotten local art, which has continued to grow since.

Since he has reached the time of life where his pace has slowed, he now dedicates himself entirely to this passion and has returned to the values that were often set aside for professional obligations. The project La Blanche Semaine grew out of a desire to bring this passion back to life and ensure the continuity of the language of our ancestors. By re-creating scale replicas of old-fashioned Québec toys, Denis Gauthier the artisan respects the integrity of the original works and, through his contribution and concern for work well done, honours the imaginative spirit of our ancestors.

This is his personal and unique way of combining the artistic expression of our heritage, his love for horses and his passion for the arts.