Élisabeth Moquin

Élisabeth MoquinMusician, violinist, jig dancer
After discovering the violin at a very young age, I set out to study this instrument at the age of five. Although I started my education with various musical styles, I discovered a passion for traditional music in 2009. I am currently studying traditional music at college in order to enrich my musical knowledge, my playing technique and my repertory.

Le Village Québécois d’antan was a key job for me. Hired as a street activity leader, this position enhanced my knowledge of our heritage and developed my interpersonal skills, my stage presence and my get-up-and-go. In 2011, I discovered another aspect of traditional music: the jig. Since that time, I have learned new steps and new rhythms. I feel very passionately about this music of ours and I believe that it is important to continue to make it live.