Ensemble Claude-Gervaise

L'Ensemble Claude-Gervaise This ensemble consists of a group of musicians who specialize in performing music from another time with period instruments.

It has made its name through theme concerts with a predilection for popular music from days gone by, accompanied by a humorous and warm commentary. Programmes in which respect for history and a desire for authenticity do not impede the magic of the music.

The Ensemble Claude Gervaise is directed by Gilles Plante, musician and passionate popularizer for over more than 30 years. The group started out as a quartet of recorder players who enthusiastically explored the repertory of the major composers from an older time.

What a surprise when one of the musicians brought in a crumhorn, an unusual looking object, one day, claiming that it really was a musical instrument and that it had been played in royal courts during the Renaissance!

This marked the start of passionate research into the music of the Renaissance: its instruments, the music, the documentation, methods for learning how to play the instruments...

Over the years, an imposing collection of more than 300 instruments was developed, along with a library of old documents and rare sheet music. Performed by musicians who are both experienced and passionate, this music from a past time is elegantly reborn for the time of a concert.