Jean-Claude Vigor

Jean-Claude VigorAs his name indicates, Jean-Claude Vigor (there are fewer than 80 people named Vigor in the world) descends from the Vikings. He is a Norman who arrived in Québec in 1969...already 44 years ago...

As soon as he landed, he started working as a gardener for the Simard family in Sorel and for Premier Bourassa. While working for Versailles Paysagiste, with Mr. Philippe Fol, he developed some of the most beautiful residential gardens in Québec.

In September 1969, Mr. Pierre Bourque, who was the Head of the Jadin Botanique at the time, hired him for a horticultural teaching adventure, based on the expertise he had acquired while working five years for the Jardin Botanique de Rouen, in Normandy.

Jean-Claude Vigor received a B.A.P.H. and B.P.H. in 1965, from France’s Department of Agriculture. His has degrees in four branches of agriculture: fruit and ornamental arboriculture, floriculture and food crops. He also holds a certificate in college-level teaching development, from the Université de Sherbrooke.

He has served, in turn, as:

  • Head of the Interior landscaping division at Planterra
  • Director of the plant department at Entreprises Marsolais
  • Co-owner of the firm Hortiflora paysagiste

During the five years he represented Québec’s Department of Agriculture, he travelled throughout Québec (8,800 km), as a judge for the Villes, Villages et Campagnes fleuries du Québec competition.

He has just retired from Québec’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

For close to 30 years, he served as a professor and head of the horticulture team for the Environment Horticulture Productions programme at the Institut de Technologie Agroalimentaire de Saint-Hyacinthe... He is now retired.

For 13 years he passionately provided us with gardening tips on Radio-Canada television, with his colleague Ronald Leduc in: Jardin d'aujourd'hui, along with Aline Desjardins, then Pascal Tremblay and Marie Tifo.

  • People can read his articles throughout the summer on his Couleur horticole page in the Saturday issue of Le Devoir.
  • And we can watch him again this year, every week, on Des Kiwis et des Hommes on Radio-Canada television, with Francis Reddy.
  • Every week, people can listen to his advice on most French-language Radio-Canada stations, from Halifax to Vancouver.
  • And, along with his colleague Joël le Bigot (from April to November) on Samedi et rien d'autre, Saturday morning at about 9:00 a.m. Radio-Canada: FM 95.1.