Manon Rousseau

Manon RousseauSocial worker, healer and researcher, I have spent more than 25 years working in personal, social and community development. Facilitator and trainer, I have given workshops, lectures and training sessions on a variety of topics in various regions of Québec. I have experimented with various approaches in interventions and helping relationships, including rituals, ceremonial work, the global approach and the use of herbal products.

I have always loved nature; herbal products, ceremonial work and interventions have been closely mingled and overlapped and are a part of my daily life. A single desire lies behind these passions: to create and make meaning.

I love flowers, books, stories, children, rivers, being a grandmother and gardening. I adore walking, biking, swimming, pretending I’m a fish, cooking, and breathing in the odours and scents of nature. I thrill to the scent of lilacs, basil, balm, wet grass after a rainstorm, or a freshly picked warm tomato. Moving from the garden to the kitchen fills me with pleasure and joy. Gooseberry jam, raspberry jam, a bouquet of wild flowers, pesto that still tastes of the sun, pure and simple happiness. Beauty moves me and capsizes me! I love life.