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Journée des musées montréalais
Photo: Maison Saint-Gabriel

The perfect opportunity to visit Maison Saint-Gabriel!

On Sunday, May 28, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Maison Saint-Gabriel, museum and historic site, will offer you a rich and colourful programme as part of Montréal Museums Day, an activity organized by the Société des musées montréalais. Story-tellers, craftspeople and historical personalities will be on hand! Plus, guided tours of the house, one of the oldest on the Island of Montréal, will give everyone an opportunity to discover this true architectural jewel.

Le sabotier
Photo: Pierre Guzzo

First of all, make place for tales and the imaginary! Hosts Ubert Sanspré dit Beloeil and Télesphore, story-tellers Joachim Crête and Patrick Péloquin dit Joseph Sanfaçon, and coureurs de bois,Ti-Jean de La Rochelle and Jacques Le Ber, have all kinds of humorous and frightening tales to tell. Visitors will also discover the extraordinary work of craftspeople from days gone by. On this day unlike any other, a dozen or so craftspeople will be on the site and will demonstrate their skills, which may have almost disappeared but are totally fascinating. On the programme: the basket weaver, the weaver and the art of old-fashioned weaving, spoon-maker who will talk about the rudiments of his trade, and the blacksmith who loves telling tales about old blacksmith shops. And that's not all. Visitors will also see the spinner, the shingler, the turner, the sashweavers, the snowshoe maker, the dowser, the rope-maker. The clog-maker and the glass blower will also be on hand to teach you the secrets of their trades. Samples of green, rose tea will delight young and old alike. grands.

Photo: Pierre Guzzo

The Jardin des origines has been added to the gardens inspired by New France that are found on the site of Maison Saint-Gabriel, a living aspect of the history proposed by the museum. This bequest from the City of Montréal recalls the contribution made by First Nations women and makes visitors aware of the importance of their heritage. Filled with indigenous plants, this garden testifies to the encounter of the French and Aboriginal cultures and the horticultural and medicinal knowledge of the First Nations women.

Above all, don't miss the temporary exhibit, 375 years in the heart of the action, which will be on display from May 10 to December 22. Since its founding, Montréal was profoundly marked by the contribution of female religious communities. Women of action, they served as teachers, nurses, missionaries, musicians, etc. Discover the diversity of their involvement and the scope of their bequest to us. What became of them? Are they still present in the heart of the city?

Maison Saint-Gabriell, museum and historical site, is located at 2146 Place Dublin, in Pointe-Saint-Charles, near Marguerite-Bourgeoys Park (Wellington St.), less than five minutes by car from Vieux-Montréal or the Charlevoix metro station (Bus 57 east).