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De la cave au grenierPermanent exhibit

From the Cellar to the Attic

This exhibit highlights various collections of objects and old-fashioned works of art such as paintings, embroidery, sculptures, and objects from daily life in the 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors can make the most of the charm and serenity of the site to discover all of these objects, arranged as if they had just been put down.

Temporary exhibit

350 Years of History

2018 marks the 350th anniversary of the acquisition of this large agricultural domain by Marguerite Bourgeoys to ensure the self-sufficiency of her Community of teaching nuns. It traces the history of this magnificent farmhouse that became a museum and bears witness to the transformation of the Montreal landscape over time. Come and discover how the Congrégation de Notre-Dame has been preserving, for generations, this precious heritage, administering the vocation changes of its buildings and remaining faithful to its educational mission.

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Virtual exhibit

One virtual exhibit based on museum collections provide an educational experience for Internet users.

Artwork Awaiting DiscoveryMay 2002 to December 2018
Artwork Awaiting Discovery
A virtual exhibit of works by 17th- and 18th-century artists. You will discover artists William von Mol Bercy, Georges Delfosse, Carlo Dolci, Louis Dulonpré, Antoine-Sébastien Falardeau, Théophile Hamel, Pierre LeBer, and Antoine Plamondon throughout your virtual tour.
Artwork Awaiting Discovery

Future exhibit

Exhibits are in the process of being developed.

Virtual exhibit

On the school benches of French North America

Starting May 2018
On the school benches of French North America
This exhibit traces, with a teacher’s hand, the adventure of French schooling in North America from the time the first colonists arrived in the 17th century. It brings to life the day-to-day experience of “small schools” and shows us how the school has been and still is the reflection of our society.