Bee a friend

Maison Saint-Gabriel thanks you for taking part in its campaign to raise awareness about the importance of pollination by bees.

I am adopting a bee for $2 because I know that it contributes to the biodiversity of our ecosystem.

To learn about the different roles bees play during their existence, move your cursor over the pictures.

I am offering a melliferous flower for $3 because I know that it contributes to the bees’ health.

Melliferous flowers are an excellent source of nectar, pollen and propolis for bees.

I am buying Miel de la Métairie honey for $10 because it is locally produced and has a unique taste.

Thanks to Montreal’s regulations on the use of pesticides, urban honey is healthier than that of certain agricultural regions. To purchase this locally produced product, please reserve your 350 grams jar of honey now and collect it up at the museum during the fall harvest.

Quantities are limited to 100 jars for this initiative; any remaining honey will be sold in the museum’s gift shop for $15.

Miel de la Métairie
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