Maison Saint-Gabriel has set off on an urban apiculture adventure and wants to make citizens aware of the decline of bees in the city.

According to the Ministère de l'Agriculture, Québec has lost an average of 26% of its bees since 2003 when the mortality rate should be between 10% and 15%. was produced with the financial support of

Bee a friend means…

  • promoting urban biodiversity through the effective pollination of field bees;
  • making a concrete awareness gesture towards the decline of the bees
  • supporting the sustainability of an urban apicultural project;
  • ensuring the preservation of the nectar plants in the gardens;
  • encouraging the production of local honey.
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Bees, a source of life!

To learn more about bees and beekeeping, check out the additional information.

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How many flowers may a bee visit in an hour?

Up to 700 flowers

What distance can a bee travel during her life?

Nearly 800 km. A bee collects nectar approximately 9 to 24 days during her brief existence (30 to 45 days).

What is the top speed of a bee?

50 km / hour

jardin des Métayères
jardin des Métayères