350 Years of History!

350 Years of History!

If the Farmhouse Could Talk…

A 17th century farm in open countryside becomes a 20th century museum in the heart of an urban neighbourhood, describes, in short, the evolution of a place that was intended to sustain the material life of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame.

Marguerite Bourgeoys arrived in Ville-Marie in 1653. She had a clear vision of her mission in the small colony: to teach and provide education to the children and the first settlers at no cost. To this end, she founded an uncloistered religious community, the Congrégation de Notre-Dame. In 1662, she obtained a land concession in Pointe-Saint-Charles from Monsieur de Maisonneuve. She expanded the site in 1668 by purchasing land and a fieldstone house from her neighbour, François Le Ber. By building an authentic model farm, Marguerite Bourgeoys ensured the self-sufficiency of her teaching companions. In 1671, King Louis XIV granted her letters patent and officially authorized the “establishment of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame on the Island of Montreal in New France”.

In 2018, this historic farmhouse will celebrate its 350th anniversary. The stones, walls and objects, the place itself where time seems to have stood still, retain the past and present of this over tricentennial house. For the visitor, history comes to life and Marguerite Bourgeoys is very much present. This house is very significant in the history of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame and of Montreal.


Three Luncheons
Les Bonnes manières de A à Z
Bien dans sa peau?
À l’aise partout, en toutes circonstances?

Maison Saint-Gabriel, museum and historic site, invites you to revise the rules of proper etiquette during three luncheons on the theme of good manners to be held in January, February and March 2018.

Marguerite Bourgeoys’s companions played an important role in the lives of girls. They taught them and gave them access to higher education. Girls learned the culinary arts and were prepared for life in society. They taught them so well that former convent girls were easily recognizable by their signature Congregation of Notre Dame manners.

Hélène-Andrée Bizier, co-author of l’Abc des bonnes manières, will go over traditional and contemporary practices. She will look back at the origins of cleanliness, tact, the tablecloth, the fork, all the way up to what foods to avoid when you want to look good at the table.

À la table des bonnes manières, from A to E
Sunday, January 28, 2018 from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
with Hélène-Andrée Bizier, Historian
At this first luncheon À la table des bonnes manières, Hélène-Andrée Bizier will shed light on the delicate topic of the bill and the uneasiness associated with dividing the cost with friends including excuses that sometimes arise. Between these two evils, she explores many other topics such as foods to avoid, courtesy, stair etiquette and much more.

À la table des bonnes manières, from F to N
Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
with Hélène-Andrée Bizier, Historian
For this second luncheon À la table des bonnes manières, the historian will focus on the cheese platter and how to skillfully navigate it. While we enjoy this finger food, she will discuss the notions of hygiene that were formerly imposed before sitting down to eat. She talks about the fate of chivalry, what to do when we receive an invitation, hostess gifts and whether or not to bring wine.

À la table des bonnes manières, from M to Z
Sunday, March 25, 2018 from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
with Hélène-Andrée Bizier, Historian
For this third luncheon À la table des bonnes manières, the author will discuss hands – so important during presentations and so visible during meals. She will recall deportment, which was so essential to the sisters, and table manners. She will touch on restaurant outings, reservations, tips and cell phones.

The luncheons will be held on three separate Sundays, January 28, February 25 and March 25, 2018 from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. , at the Catherine-Crolo Pavillion at Maison Saint-Gabriel situated at 2146, place Dublin, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Montreal.

Entrance Fee: : $50.00 (taxes and service included) Reservation : 514 935-8136

These luncheons are designed for adults aged 18 and older.